Need a way to work more conveniently? Try accessories for Equinox

Carrying and protective accessories for Equinox are usefull in a variety of industries. Equinox is designed to enhancing the customer payment experience. And our accessories are made to enhance your work experience and make it more convenient.

The currently used forms of payment are increasingly modern and often require more and more advanced technologies. On the other hand, modern technologies are much more vulnerable and fragile. For example touch screens or cameras and scanners. However, there is also another important aspect of the development of electronics: devices are smaller and can combine more functions. We no longer need 3 different products to accept payments, print receipts and scan codes. Unfortunately, this means that if we damage even the screen of the device, we lose all these functions. That’s why it’s so important to protect our equipment.

Ensure trouble-free customer service with protective accessories for Equinox

As it was said above, the devices used today are very modern, and therefore more expensive. A broken device causes two types of costs: you have to repair the device or replace it, but also create problems in customer service. After all, every business strives for the best quality of experience.

Perfectly readable with screen protectors for Equinox

We have an impact on how we use the equipment. But how customers use it, not necessarily. Self-service stations, where the customer chooses the order on the screen, are becoming more and more popular. Then we can’t be sure that the customer won’t scratch it with jewelry, keys held in his hand or simply won’t get it dirty. It can be similar with a payment terminal or POS, it does not have to be a touch screen kiosk. After a dozen such situations, the screen will become unreadable, and customers will say that we do not care about cleanliness and appearance. Frequently disinfecting and cleaning the screen can cause it to become faded and dull.

The simplest solution to secure the screen is a screen protector. Especially since there are many different types of protective films on the market. Starting from basic protection, up to reinforced screen guards, as well as films with special functions, such as matting or privacy foil. The latter works very well where you need to protect customer data and hide the content of the display. Thanks to it, you cannot see what is on the screen from the side.

Use a protective case and protect not only the screen, but also the housing

The rubber case is especially useful for mobile payment terminals. It is good to use it wherever we serve customers outside the POS. The housing will not break or get scratched if a worker accidentally drops the device. This can happen for many reasons, someone pokes it, is in a hurry, puts the device down the wrong way and it falls to the floor. And again we come back to the topic of repair costs that can be avoided.

Protect against falling and wear comfortably using accessories for Equinox

The second type of accessories for payment terminals are carrying accessories, that is cases and holsters. Thanks to the fact that you wear the device attached to your belt or shoulder strap, it will not accidentally fall. While the holster acts as an extra pocket. It’s better to slip the device into the holster than to hold it, especially when you need both hands. For example, when we hold a terminal and want to grab something. In the end, everything falls out of our hands.

Enjoy your work more with textile cases for Equinox

The textile cases we make for carrying the device are appreciated in various industries. Employees don’t know they can work faster, easier and more comfortably until they try a case. And yet it is enough to imagine an analogous situation from our private life. We use cases, bags, backpacks, waist bags to carry our things more comfortably and easily, and we forget about it at work. Suddenly, it turns out that we are not looking for ways to facilitate our activities and speed up our actions. And carrying cases give us a lot of possibilities. We can attach the terminal to the belt, wear it on a shoulder strap or a lanyard. Have the device always with you, securely suspended and protected from falling, and have both hands free to work.

Accept payments almost automatically with holsters for Equinox

Holsters are like an extra pocket. It’s just that this pocket is the right shape and size to accommodate a payment terminal. These are increasingly popular solutions in the catering industry, where waiters accept payments at the table. And after a while they have their hands free and can, for example, take dishes from the table. Or at the same time bring a tray with the order and have a terminal to pay the bill.

Looking for other protective or wearable accessories for Equinox? We are a supplier of custom-made solutions, we can prepare a case for any device. Contact our sales department and together let’s find what is best for your business.

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