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Summer is coming – prepare yourself with accessories for Zebra TC57

Summer is just around the corner, and for those who use Zebra TC57 devices, it’s time to start thinking about how to keep them protected or how to use it more convenient. From protective cases to holsters and more, we have everything you need to keep your device safe and secure, no matter where your summer takes you.

Some companies sell stationary on a daily basis, but it happens that in the summer they change the form of work to mobile. For most of the year, they have all their devices safely housed in the building, but in the summer they take part in fairs, put up stands during festivals.

Festivals and outdoor events – take accessories for the Zebra TC57 for every occasion

Unfortunately, using the devices outdoors significantly increases the risk of damage. All it takes is a moment of inattention and the device can slide to the ground, be flooded, and in the worst cases: lost or stolen. So how to combine the possibility of offering the same services (scanning coupons or user codes in a mobile application, invoicing, scanning product barcodes) and device security? The answer is to use the right accessories.

Carrying case for Zebra TC57 – protect against loss or theft

The textile case gives you multiple attachment options, allowing you to wear the terminal clipped to a shoulder strap, belt, lanyard, or even a wrist adapter. This gives you total control over where your device is. In addition, you work more conveniently and faster because you have both hands free.

Rubber case for Zebra TC57 – Protection in all conditions

Rubber case provides robust protection against impacts, because it cushions and absorbs shocks better. Thanks to the reinforced, corner bumpers, the edges of the device are additionally protected from most common damages such as: cracks, scratches or greasy stains.

Add a hand strap and upgrade your rubber case

If you use your scanner all the time, then the Zebra TC57 handstrap is the best addition. It will be useful, for example, when scanning tickets, when you do not perform many activities simultaneously. Remember, however, that the handstrap must be attached to something, so it requires a rubber case, you can’t attach it directly to the housing, because you can damage it.

Who else will benefit from using carrying accessories in the summer?

Sometimes summer is also associated with one more change, not very liked by drivers. It is about changing the organization of traffic and car parking space. Often, when the tourist season begins and the number of cars in the city increases significantly, the administrative authorities introduce appropriate restrictions. The places where you can park for free often change, and then the parking service officers check whether the driver has bought a parking ticket much more often. Zebra’s electronic citation (E-citation) solutions provide parking enforcement officers with fast, accurate options for issuing electronic tickets for traffic, parking, permit or other types of infractions. This is where the right carrying accessories and protective accessories come in handy.

Pouch holster S-size for Zebra TC57 – suitable for parking staff

During major festivals, temporary car parks are often set up. For example, empty areas of fields are transformed, which of course are not adapted to the new role, and therefore do not have gates or barriers for automatic charging of fees. Then the people responsible for collecting parking fees must approach each car personally and accept the payment. If drivers have the possibility to print tickets in advance, it is enough to scan the code – however, for each activity you need a device: a terminal to collect the fare, a printer to print the ticket, a mobile computer, e.g. Zebra TC57 to scan the code. That’s why it’s a good idea to have a pouch type holster for the Zebra TC57. You can easily slide the device into it and take it out when you need it. You have a scanner always at hand and it is safe when your hands are busy e.g. writing a ticket manually.

Pocket type holster S-size for Zebra TC57

Another type of holster for the Zebra TC57 is the pocket holster. Unlike the type described above, it has more attachment options and a fastening. It will be suitable for anyone who needs a mobile computer always with them.

Screen protector for Zebra TC57

Screen protection is an accessory that is worth having regardless of the season, place of work or frequency of use. Modern devices turn out to be very susceptible to damage. So if we protect the screens of even ordinary mobile phones, it is even more important to take care of this part in the case of enterprise-class touch computers. In addition, it should be noted that currently the protective film is not only the protection of the display, but also additional features, such as matt finish, privatizing film, zinc oxide layer, hardened PET glass and others.

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