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Protective case for Zebra TC51, TC56, TC52, TC57

If you are looking for accessories to protect and enhance the Zebra TC52, be sure to check out our offer. We have 6 different products that will meet even the most demanding expectations. With our accessories for Zebra TC52, your device will stay safe, secure, and functional no matter where you take it.

Textile carrying case, screen protector, rubber case, handstrap, pouch holster and pocket holster – whatever you need. If you don’t find what you’re looking for on this list – do not hesitate to describe it to us and together we will design something suitable. Because the most important advantage of our products is that we make them to order, individually. Thanks to this, each case, holster or screen protector always has the right size and shape.

Carrying case for Zebra TC52

The carrying case for Zebra TC52 not only provides faster, more convenient and easier work, but it is also incredibly easy to use. Wear them on your belt, wrist adapter or lanyard – whatever you like. Owing to various types of mounting and various attachment configurations, you can freely adjust the wearing method to your needs and work hands-free at the same time. Choose between swivel mount, 360 clip or D-rings.

Protect your devices in style: why textile cases for Zebra are the way to go

Thanks to its individual design, this soft case not only perfectly fits the device, but also has custom cutouts. This will give you full access to all buttons and inputs without having to remove it from the case. Plus, its form-fitting design means that your device stays securely in place. It’s the perfect accessory for anyone looking to upgrade their Zebra TC52 without sacrificing usability.

Luxury and durability combined: The benefits of leather case for Zebra TC52

Leather cases are a premium option for protecting your devices, offering a sleek and luxurious look while also providing durability and protection against damage. But what sets them apart is their eco-friendliness, including the production process and end-of-life disposal options. Leather is a natural and sustainable material. So not only do leather cases offer all the benefits of textile cases, but they also provide a more environmentally conscious option.

Crystal clear protection: Zebra TC52 screen protectors

There is not much to write about screen protectors. Everyone who has a phone with a touch screen knows how important protective films are. The display is a very sensitive part of the device and you need to take care to keep it fully functional. Even a few scratches can cause problems. What should be emphasized is the fact that various additional film functions are currently available on the market: matte, privacy, antibacterial and others. Their details can be checked in the about products tab.

Need rugged protection? Try rubber case for Zebra TC52

Are you wondering what is the difference between textile and rubber cases? Both of these types are generally lightweight and slim, made of a soft and flexible material. However, rubber case provides more robust protection against drops and other impacts, because it cushions and absorbs shocks better. Thanks to the reinforced, corner bumpers, the edges of the device are additionally protected against impacts. It also keeps your device safe from most common damages such as: cracks, scratches or greasy stains. Compared to leather, it provides a better grip, reducing the likelihood of your device slipping out of your hand.

Our rubber cases can be optionally supplied with wrist strap, belt attachments or hand strap.

The benefits of a hand strap for Zebra TC52

Describing this accessory, first of all, it needs to be noted that it requires our rubber case. It helps hold the device in the hand and prevents falling. Simple and effective for those who like convenience and want to work faster and easier.

Secure and accessible: Pouch Holster for Zebra TC52

Pouch type holster S-size is the most basic solution, but it does not mean that it has less advantages. Thanks to it, you feel like you have an extra pocket specially adapted to your Zebra device. You can easily slip them into your pocket and easily take them out at any time. You always have the device with you, but you also protect it from accidental falls.

Pocket type holster S-size for Zebra TC52

Of course custom-made holsters and cases are the best choice, but universal accessories also have some advantegaes. For example when company uses a few types of devices and needs one solution for all of them. It works for couriers, waiters, deliverers. What are the main differences between a pouch holster and a pocket holster? The first one is attached to the belt only with a belt loop, while the second one can be easily attached to a belt (with a clip mount) or a shoulder strap (D-rings version). Moreover, the pocket holster’s construction is stiffened, making it more durable and protecting the device even better.

If you are interested in a quote for the Zebra TC52 accessories described above, please contact our sales department. Our experts will help you choose the best solutions for your company.

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