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5 reasons why we produce in Poland (Europe)

At OEM Protector, we are proud to say that all our textile and metal products are made locally – in northern Poland (Europe). This is due to a well-thought-out strategy to deliver the highest quality products combined with corporate social responsibilities. So here are five reasons why we placed our production facilities close to our headquarters:

Rapid product development

As the manufacturer of protective accessories for electronic devices such as payment terminals, mobile computers or Auto-ID, we must constantly keep up with new devices on the market. Being close to our factories makes product development much faster. We can quickly get prototypes from our plants, test them and return them to the factory with precise feedback. This also applies to custom-made products, so we can quickly modify any product to meet the customer’s special requirements. We don’t have to transport prototypes from / to some factories e.g. in Asia, which is a great time saver for us and for our clients.

Easy quality monitoring

It is very important for us to ensure the highest quality of our products and materials used in their production. That is why we value the ability to carefully control all stages of production. We carefully select textiles, clasps and metal components for our protective cases and holsters. We monitor the quality of cutting and joining materials, as well as the quality of the wearable solutions used. In the case of metal products (stands for payment terminals), we can check the quality of matching elements, powder coating or the ease of fixing the payment terminal. Being close to our factories makes quality management easier and more efficient.

Fast shipping

Our production and warehouse location in Europe means that the delivery time for our products is much shorter. It is also easier for us to track deliveries and have full control over them. We know the importance of the role our products play in the daily functioning of our clients’ companies, therefore we try to deliver them as soon as possible. It is appreciated by dozens of our clients from Europe, North and South America and Asia.

Corporate social responsibility

We take our corporate social responsibility very seriously and this is another reason why we produce locally. From the beginning of our business, we want the local community to develop along with its development. We respect local fiscal and employee regulations, believing that our activities contribute to the growth of the entire region. Especially today, in times of a pandemic, we are proud to contribute to creating jobs and supporting the community.

Being Eco-aware

Manufacturing in Europe means we have less environmental footprint. As a company, we are obliged to comply with the strict ecological regulations created by the European Union. But also without them, we just want to be more eco-friendly with social responsibility in mind. This applies to the production itself, materials, transport, packaging and production waste. We only have one world and at OEM Protector we always want to be a positive part of it.


Local production is a conscious and well-thought-out decision for us. It makes the process of developing new products much faster and easy to control. It also let us constanly monitor products and materials quality. Social aspects are equally important to us and are another reason why we proudly manufacture in Poland – we want to grow along with the local society.

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