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5 reasons why your employees should have carrying accessories in the summer 

Soon summer season starts. Beer gardens, outdoor cafes and restaurants which offer outdoor seating will full up with customers. Protecting accessories and carrying cases are must have during the season. Your employees will definitely appreciate them. 

Contactless payments and customer service outside the cash register are standard today. Not only in restaurants, but also in parking lots, during concerts or plain-air events, the service must have a payment terminal or a data collector with them. Sometimes also walkie-talkies and other electronic devices used during mass events. Therefore, it is worth equipping employees with the right accessories so that they can work easier and faster. 

Stress and rush may cause damages by accidents 

First of all we have to be aware, that in the summer time restaurants are more crowded, customer traffic increases. During concerts and festivals there are hundreds or thousends people, who need to be serviced. Employees must act quick. That is why sometimes they may drop the device. It may stop working, so the situation becomes even more stressful, because less people can be serviced. Preventing that is very easy. Just use a holster, so the device is never put down where it should not be. Also carrying case might be useful. Even when terminal or mobile computer slips out of hand it simply hang on a strap. 

Faster and more efficient work 

Look at the work of a waiter or a parking ticket seller. If they always need to have a payment terminal at hand, it will be very convenient to have holster or carrying case. This makes it possible to have the device at hand, but not hold it in hand. Going to checkout zone every time to get the device is a pointless waste of time, if you can have the payment terminal in a holster with you all the time.  

Scanning tickets before concert? Never before was so easy and automatic. It is thanks to the carrying case with a strap or lanyard. During ticket scanning the device can be hung over the shoulder. The employee has free hands, when has to for example show the way or accepts the payment in cash.  

Selling tickets at parking lot? Do it even if there is a traffic jam in front of the entrance. The employee may walk along the line of cars and sell parking tickets. In that time the terminal can be stored in a holster or hung on a belt while writing down vehicle data. 

Customer service at any time 

Someone wants to pay a bill? He can do it right away. He don’t have to wait for someone go to checkout and bring the payment terminal or personally go to POS. More over, the waiter may get the payment and then take the dishes after finished courses, because he has both hands free.  

Professional look gives quality to your brand 

Professional accessories add aesthetics. When customers see that employees are well prepared for the job, they have a better opinion of the entire company. It doesn’t look good when an employee drops the device, doesn’t know where to put it, or puts it carelessly anywhere. OEM Protector carrying cases and holsters are made of the high quality materials (such as leather or Cordura), so they always look elegant and durable.  

Safety at the first place  

The items described above have a lot in common with ergonomic work, health and safety. However there is another reason why it is good to have a breakaway lanyard during summer season. At concerts, festivals and outdoor events, employees are often in a hurry and in a tense atmosphere. The participants, on the other hand, tend to be reckless and – under the influence of certain drinks – aggressive. Therefore, a breakaway lanyard (neck strap) will ensure the safety of the staff. If in a hurry the worker catches on a protruding element, the leash will automaticly detach. If, on the other hand, someone tries to jerk an employee by grabbing a lanyard, he will not hurt him. Having the device on a strap or lanyard also prevent theft.   

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