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5 ways to use the barcode scanner more conveniently

Have you ever wondered if it’s possible to use the scanner even faster and more convenient? We do. That is why we are constantly improving our products. Here’s a suggestion: let’s check how to use the scanner without and with the OEM Protector accessories. We may be tempted to say that you will surely like them.

Tip no 1 – Holster: gun, pouch or pocket type

Your scanner attached to the belt makes you work almost like a gunslinger. You can always have your device with you, it is convenient to put it away, clip it on and grab it when needed. And more importantly – it will never slide to the floor when you’re not using it. Holsters for mobile scanners make your work faster and protect your scanners from accidental drops.

Holsters keep your hands free when you are not using your scanner.

Tip no 2 – Keypad film for easy cleaning

Have you ever wondered how much time you waste by unreadable or inoperable buttons? Regular cleaning protects the scanner from damage – especially in dusty warehouses. Recent years have also shown how important disinfection of buttons is. But how to use disinfectants so as not to damage the buttons and the housing of the device? OEM Protector button protection films help protect keypads from the harmful effects of alcohol-based liquids while efficiently disinfecting auto-id scanners.

Button protectors keep your device keypad clean and safe

Tip no 3 – pocket for a pen or stylus

Many scanners have a stylus mounted on a string. However, sometimes it breaks off or annoyingly wobbles at the scanner. That is why our holsters are equipped with a pen or stylus pocket. Just slide it into its designated place and take it out whenever you need to use it. A simple and reliable solution to facilitate your daily work.

Pen pocket for simple pen & stylus carrying
Additional stylus/pen pocket might be very useful

Tip no 4 – scan without taking the device out of the case

Rubber cases and carrying cases are put on the device and they are designed so that all the most important sockets and buttons are easily accessible. So you can scan without taking the device out of the case. These products can also be attached to a belt or lanyard to make them easy to grab during work.

Tip no 5 – hand-free solutions

One of the products that is becoming more and more popular is the wrist mount, which allows for quick, hands-free scanning. This increases work ergonomics, employee efficiency and the ease of scanning.

Wrist mount let you work smarter and much faster

Perhaps you know from experience about any other methods that can facilitate your work or do you need accessories that are not yet available in our offer? We encourage you to contact us, we will surely find a solution together, because our products are always custom made. We do not produce universal cases. We design and manufacture unique cases for each brand, type and model of the device. This guarantees perfectly tailored protection for your electronic devices.

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