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Hand-free carrying and scanning – yes it’s possible!

OEM Protector products are not only about device protection. Thanks to our solutions, your work can be even more enjoyable. We offer many protective accessories and carrying cases, but today we present 3 selected ones that will facilitate the use of scanning devices.

If you’ve ever experienced an annoying situation when you were constantly reaching, picking up, and putting down your handheld computer, it’s a good time to browse the OEM Protector product catalog. We developed th wrist adapter (also known as a “arm” or a wrist mount), which allows you to work without holding the scanner in your hand. We also offer several types of carrying holsters, such as: gun-type holsters, pocket type holsters and pouch type holsters). Perhaps this is not a completely free hands solution, because at the very moment of scanning, the device has to be picked up in your hand, but it is easier to reach for and it becomes more handy in many ways.

Scanning in few seconds

It seems that scanning could not be easier, but anyone who has used our wrist mount at least once will disagree. The solution is very simple, and in some ways it resembles the equipment of sci-fi heroes. The adapter has a swivel mount, thanks to which you can easily attach the device on your hand, so it’s always ready to scan. It is easy to press the keys or a touchscreen – these little things make us completely focused on the scanned object and we perform each activity faster and more efficiently. Moreover, the scanner will never fall out of our hands.

Be quick like a gunslinger

Using the handheld computer/scanner at work is nothing unusual. Moreover, it is becoming more and more popular. We hope that focus on work ergonomics of employees of logistics, deliveries, warehouses, etc., will also increase commensurate. The scanner is a device that should be kept at hand at all times. It’s a natural instinct to put the device in your pocket – but who has the right pockets? That’s why holsters come in handy. Their use enables quick and easy grab and hide the scanner, and when we do not need it anymore, we have both hands free, which makes the work convenient. This is very important when we have to change packages or goods many times – then it will be much better to use both hands so as not to damage the package or yourself. So it’s easy to see that using the scanner holster is very intuitive.

Do not be stressed that something will fall out of your hand

Carrying cases with the option of attaching a strap or a lanyard are also a good solution for everyone who uses various types of scanners at work. It may also be a completely hand-free solution – just grab the device when you need it and let it hang on the lanyard the rest of the time.

OEM Protector helps you work faster.

Our goal is to make work more convenient, easier, faster, more effective and, consequently, more enjoyable. If there is no product you need in our offer, we will gladly prepare a suitable project. Contact us and ask for an offer.

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