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Holster or case? Which of them will work for your devices? 

The answer is: it depends. Nevertheless, we will make it easier for you to choose. There are many factors that affect which protective accessories to choose for your device. Pay attention to the kind of work, its environment and specificity. However, what matters most is the employee’s preferences.  

After all, it is the user who decides whether he or she prefers to use a holster or a case, but below there are some features of these two products to highlight the differences in their use. The key consideration when choosing a wearable accessory is the type of device. In this post, we present carrying cases and holsters for payment terminals, mobile computers, handheld barcode readers and other auto ID devices. 

What to choose: a carrying case or a holster for the payment terminal? 

The payment terminal is a device that we do not use constantly, after accepting the payment, we can put it back. It is just nice to have it with you when serving the customer. If he wants to settle the bill, we do not have to go to the reception desk or to the cashier to get the terminal, we just reach for it to the holster. A case mounted to a belt might also be useful, but it may be less convenient because of terminal’s shape.  

For couriers, catering or delivery employees who accept payments using a payment terminal, we recommend the carrying cases made of leather, Diamond or Titan material, with the possibility of attaching it to a belt or on a shoulder strap (various mounting options possible). They are handy and best for the work in a constant move. 

For waiters and people with a similar specificity of work, holsters attached to a belt will be much better.


Which is better for the warehouse worker: case or holster? 

In the most of the situations we would definitely recommend our carrying cases. Mobile computers, barcode scanners, handhelds readers, auto ID scanners and this type of devices usually have to be in our hands most of the time, so a carrying case or wrist mount case will be better. They allow user to easily reach for the scanner if needed, because it can be attached to a shoulder strap that will always be close to your hand. The best solution for small mobile computers is a wrist mount that allows you to work totally hand-free, because it is mounted on your arm. 

It should also be taken into consideration whether we work only indoors or also outdoors and the device is exposed to negative weather conditions. In the latter situation, the closed-design case will better for protecting the scanner against most common damages.  

The second aspect is the frequency of scanning: if you put the device down after scanning the product and reach for it only after a few minutes, a holster will be a better solution (e.g. gun-type or pouch holster).  

In addition, it is worth paying attention to other Auto-ID protective accessories, such as mobile scanners screen protectors or a keypad covers. Combining them with cases or holsters allows you to achieve comprehensive protection of devices. 

Which protective accessories should you choose for a restaurant or bar? 

Wherever portable payment terminals are used – mainly in catering and restaurants, but also on cruises or airplanes – the employee should be able to keep the device always at hand. It is about places where transactions are carried out at every point in the premises, not only at the bar. Therefore, a holster for a portable payment terminal is a good solution. Such a holster also has additional advantages: a pen pocket for ordering notes or a pocket for tips.  

For gastronomy workers – especially waiters – we recommend pouch-type holsters, that let you put the terminal like into the pocket. It will also work well for flight attendants, stewards or cabin attendants. 

Accessories for you business

There are many situations in which OEM Protector products make work easier, improve employee well-being, reduce servicing costs, and improve employee productivity and efficiency. If our offer does not yet include the product you need, please contact us. We specialize in custom-made products. As a flexible B2B partner, we can offer new, unique solutions designed especially for your company. You can make your employees feel that you care about their comfort. 

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