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How a protective film for a payment terminal buttons can make your job easier?

Perhaps some will think this is an exaggeration: how a simple button protector can help you with your work. It turns out, however, that it has several advantages, and in times of increased caution and detailed hygienic and sanitary guidelines, it has become an integral part of the terminal equipment.

It is easy to ensure a high standard of the workplace when we work in a neighborhood shop, it is a little more difficult when we are talking about a trade stand in a shopping center. However, it is a different matter when we consider a row of 20 chackouts in a supermarket or a large restaurant where 10 waiters constantly receive payments from customers. In this case, shortening the device cleaning time from a minute to a few seconds is important. Especially if we are obliged to do it twice a day or every hour.

Take care of cleanliness for safety and aesthetics

There is much talk about disinfecting devices in connection with the pandemic. However, let’s look at the times before 2020, there were situations when keypad was just become soiled: the device put away in a place where it can be covered with dirt, dusty, exposed to spills, splashed with some liquid – there can be many examples, because payment terminals and pin pads are very popular and they are used in very different places. They have been accompanying us almost everywhere for several years. These are, for example, shops, restaurants, shopping malls, post offices, clinics, eateries. However, terminals are used not only in buildings for on-site customer service, but also in the delivery and mobile services industry. These devices are therefore used in an environment with high organic load – where viruses and bacteria are easy to find or where they can easily multiply.

Clean your device in few seconds

In connection with the above-mentioned examples, the terminals and pin pads should be cleaned not only due to pandemic restrictions, but also to care for the hygiene of the workplace, the safety of employees and the aesthetics of the workplace. No customer will be happy if they touch a dirty (don’t be afraid of that word) keypad.

The protective film on the keypad will help you clean it and allow you to quickly and easily remove all impurities in one move. Just spray with disinfectant and wipe.

Dirty device may stop working

Dust and dirt easily get inside through the gaps around the keys. If there is any liquid, dust or dirt getting inside, it may happen that the delicate structures inside will stop working. Some people know this feeling when they are forced to eat a meal while using the computer and some crumb falls under a key. Let’s imagine a situation in which the device goes to the service and we are forced to work without a terminal for several days, because the dirt that got under the keypad caused the loss of function. Let’s also think about it when the service technician says that the device is operational, and the cause of the defect was dust, and tells us to clean our workplace more often.

Protect the device from the harmful effects of disinfectants

Cleaning appears to have many advantages, but cleaning agents vary and may occasionally cause micro-damage to the material of the terminal or pin pad. Alcohol is the most common ingredient, but many manufacturers use a variety of anionic surfactants, chemical substances with complicated names like dimethylammonium chloride, and others that we won’t list here. It is important that some of these substances may adversely affect the equipment and care should be taken to eliminate the effects of this action. OEM Protector protective films are made of materials resistant to most disinfectants, therefore they will make the device more resistant without affecting the ease of cleaning.

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