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How can your business help to stop the covid-19 spreading?

How can your business help to stop the covid-19 spreading?

Since the early beginning of 2020, the whole world is struggling with coronavirus  pandemic. This global threat completely changed the way we live, work, travel – but also the way we do business. All the entrepreneurs look for the optimal solutions to protect their customers and employees. Because the one thing that we all have learnt for sure is that every little step in fighting the pandemic matters.


The first and most obvious thing is disinfection. When we think about disinfection, we usually mean disinfecting hands, as well as disinfecting furniture, tables and floors. But it is equally important to disinfect all kinds of devices – especially those which our customers interact with. Such devices are, for example: payment terminals, pin pads, various keyboards, touch screens or monitors at self-service checkouts. In addition, when caring for employees, we must remember about all work tools – also in the warehouse, such as mobile scanners, barcode readers, cash registers and mobile printers.

Keypad & Screen Protectors

We all know that disinfectants are dangerous to viruses, but it’s also important to remember that they can damage our electronic devices. To prevent this from happening, it’s a good idea to use keypad and screen protectors. These are transparent films that you can mount on your device all by yourself. It protect the device from the destructive effects of disinfection without reducing the protection for your customers and employees. In addition, the screen films also protect the device against scratches or cracks. And best of all – they cost little and can be used for several months if properly installed!

Payment terminal stands

Nowadays, most retail customers prefer card payments. Therefore, it is worth making them more comfortable and (which is especially important in a pandemic) requiring less physical contact between the customer and the seller. This problem can be solved by payment terminal stands, which give customers an easy way to pay by card. Thanks to them, you do not have to pass the terminal to the client every time. This reduces physical contact and the possibility of virus transmission. And when the pandemic finally ends, the display stands will still give your customers convenient payments! You can choose from several heights and rotation possibilities for best suit to your work environment. Thanks to many design and color options, the stands can also be visually matched to the requirements of your branding.


Each of us, both small, local entrepreneurs and large global companies have now a real impact on how we will protect our customers and employees. Concern for sterility, cleanliness and safety will definitely stay with us for a long time, even after the pandemic – so it is worth thinking about trustworthy solutions.

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