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How did 3D printing change our business?

Recent decades have brought many breakthrough technologies that have changed the way businesses operate. Most of these technologies are related to digitization and moving processes online. In recent years, however, a new material revolution has emerged – 3D printing.

3D printing is a modern process of producing elements of any shape, consisting in adding building material layer by layer. A wide range of 3D printing technologies and consumables means that 3D printing finds more and more applications. At OEMprotector, we have been using this technology since 2019, recognizing its positive impact on several areas of our business.

Faster prototyping

The accessories we produce often require personalization. This applies in particular to payment terminal stands, which in many cases are manufactured on special request of the customer: of the appropriate height or shape. We rigorously test each new product and make corrections if the situation so requires. Such personalized production requires the creation of many prototypes – and this is where 3D printing comes in handy. Once upon a time, when creating a new product, we had to order different parts and choose the best ones. This took a long time, increased costs, and made our warehouse fill with unused items. Today we simply create the missing parts ourselves when we need them. We do not waste time ordering and delivering new items. As a result, prototypes are created much faster, which speeds up the implementation of the order. In addition, in this way we increase production efficiency, as our industrial machines deal with the production of final products, instead of individual prototypes.

Creating device mockups

The 3D printing technology also helps us in the production of textile cases and holsters, which are an important part of our business. As a manufacturer of protective accessories that offer a perfect fit, we have to design them for specific devices, such as payment terminals, mobile barcode readers and printers or tablets. When we create a new case, we can now design it based on a device mockup printed in 3D technology. We no longer have to wait for the device to be delivered to our factory to start designing. This is another time saving, which further reduces the final cost of the product. We can freely test products in the first phase of design, without fear of damaging the real device.

So what are the advantages of 3d printing in business?

Saving time

Rapid preparation of prototypes, without long waiting for parts or calibrating machines. We simply turn on the 3D printer and after a maximum of a few hours we have a ready test element of the new product. We save the time of our employees and, most importantly, customers.

Cost reduction

Thanks to 3D printing, we can constantly reduce the costs of creating new products. It is about both the costs of parts during prototyping, as well as the reduction of inventory costs, the reduction of waste or the operating costs of industrial machines, which now only deal with the final production.


As a manufacturer of dedicated protective accessories, we often have to develop personalized, non-standard solutions. 3D printing gives us flexibility, thanks to which we can easily overcome limitations and adapt our products to customer requirements.

Eco policy

3D printing helps us implement the Eco Policy. Now, each element of the prototypes can be prepared individually, without unnecessary leftovers. Yes, the printed parts are still plastic, but far fewer than traditional methods required. And in our activity, we require the recycling of unused elements.


We are aware that 3D printing will not replace traditional production methods for some time. However, we see a positive impact of this technology on the prototyping and product design process. We can save a lot of time and reduce costs, which translates into lower prices of final products while maintaining high quality standards. And it is the next step of OEMprotector in shaping our ECO policy, the importance of which is becoming more and more important. Think globally, act locally – we’ve taken the first step.

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