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How to clean your POS terminals?

New devices enabling cashless transactions are constantly appearing on the marke. They are used in many areas of retail and services: in shops, restaurants, gas stations, on trains and planes or in small service points all over the world. Year by year, terminals are more and more accessible, and customers more and more prefer card payments. So how to ensure that your terminals are always ready to work?

Why should I clean POS terminals?

Each terminal is touched by dozens, sometimes hundreds or thousands of people every day. Therefore, terminal owners are required to keep their devices clean – especially in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic. It is also worth regularly cleaning the terminals from dirt caused by dust or other factors resulting from the everyday work environment. For example, at a roadside service point, dust may become harmful to the device, while a restaurant terminal may need to be cleaned of food or drink stains.

How to clean a POS terminal?

Each terminal is slightly different, it is made of different materials, so always read the manufacturer’s instructions, e.g. in the user manual, before cleaning.

1. Turn off the payment terminal

2. Disconnect the terminal from the voltage / charger

3. Gently dampen a cotton cloth. Make sure it is only damp, not very wet – it should not drip water with light pressure.

4. Add a few drops of neutral pH soap to the cloth.

5. Gently wipe the terminal without using too much pressure as this may damage delicate parts such as the screen. Too much pressure can also cause water to leak from the cloth

6. Wipe the terminal with a dry cloth or paper towel.

7. Done – you can turn the terminal back on!

How NOT to clean the POS terminal?

Never spray water or any cleaning agent or disinfectant directly onto the terminal / pinpad. Even when using our Keyboard Protectors and Screen Protectors, we recommend that you use the cleaner first on the cloth.

How often should I clean the payment terminal?

The frequency of cleaning POS terminals should depend on several factors. First of all, the average number of users is important. If your business serves hundreds of people a day, you should increase the cleaning frequency. The working environment is also important: whether the terminal is used indoors or outdoors, and what kind of dirt it comes into contact with. By observing the use of terminals in your company, you will be able to create a cleaning schedule that will make it easier to do it on a regular basis.

Benefits of regular cleaning

Caring for terminals is not only a requirement caused by the covid-19 pandemic, but also an action with other benefits:

1. Greater hygiene and safety for customers and employees

2. Less terminal failure

3. You save time and money on repairs of POS terminals

4. You take care of the company’s image

Our solutions that help with POS terminal cleaning

OEMprotector supplies accessories that help keep POS terminals clean. Our famous Keypad Protectors help in the daily disinfection of buttons, protecting them from the harmful effects of alcohol-based disinfection. We also offer screen films that protect displays against scratches and cracks, but also simplify their cleaning.

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