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How to improve warehouse efficiency with device accessories?

How to improve warehouse efficiency with device accessories?

Due to the constant development and growing popularity of e-commerce during the pandemic, many warehouses and logistics centers operate using most of their resources. The constantly growing number of orders, in addition to growing revenues, can also cause double shifts, employee fatigue and an increasing number of mistakes. In the worst-case scenario, this could even lead to minor or major accidents. However, at a low cost you can improve the efficiency of the warehouse – thanks to accessories for devices used by employees.

Wearable cases

Textile cases and rubber cases help to protect the device against damage, but also open a wide range of wearable options. By attaching a barcode scanner to the body, it is much easier to carry out an inventory of goods or fulfill orders. The device is then always easily accessible and at the right angle to use it freely. It will now take at least a few seconds less to start using your auto-id hardware than to take it out of your pocket or pull it off a shelf. Think how much time you will save each day and each month! Plus, your device will now be protected against falling or being lost.

What types of wearable solutions are available for warehouse devices?

Depending on the device type and your company preferences you can find several different wearable options:

  • Wrist mounts
  • Arm mounts
  • Neck & shoulder straps
  • Belt mounts
  • Leg mounts


Another method to improve the daily work in the warehouse are holsters for devices such as barcode scanners and portable computers. Thanks to the holsters, the device is always at your fingertips – you can quickly take it out and put it back. It is a solution that is especially useful in a dynamic work environment – for example, when orders are processed in real time with personal pickup. Just like cases, the holsters are offered with various mounting options that ensure additional ergonomics and improve user experience. And they can be easily used by both left and right hand users. Holsters are available not only for devices with classic shapes, but also for scanners equipped with a pistol grip. This is especially important for users of Auto-ID devices.

Screen and button protectors

How often do you see damaged displays or keypads in your warehouse devices? We all know how difficult it can be to use a barcode scanner with a partially broken screen, or to type text on with illegible buttons. Not every company can afford to replace equipment frequently, so it is worth taking care of securing the most important elements of devices. Screen and Keypad Protectors can be really helpful with that. They are easy to apply and give an ultimate protection against cracks, grease, abrasions or harmful effects of disinfection. The more protected the device is, the longer it lasts. The longer it lasts, the more efficiently you and your colleagues work – it’s that simple!


Properly selected accessories can significantly facilitate the use of electronic devices used in warehouses. Wearable solutions increase comfort and speed of work, holsters keep your hands free when you are not using a barcode scanner, and screen and keypad protectors prolong the perfect condition of your devices. Start protecting your warehouse devices with OEMprotector Auto-ID accessories.

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