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Industries which use OEM Protector accesories  

OEM Protector offers wide range of POS terminal stands

From the beginning, our mission was to provide accessories that increase work efficiency and protect electronic devices. All companies strive to constantly improve efficiency and want to reduce service costs. This makes OEM Protector solutions used in many industries. 

Technological progress makes electronic devices more and more popular, easier to use, cheaper, and as a result it is easier to modify their functions so that they are properly adapted to the specific service they can serve. That is why devices that we used to see only in banks are now present wherever there are payment activities, and scanning devices are used at every point of the supply chain.  

Accessories for the retail industry 

One of the largest industries for which we make our products is the trade and retail industry. It is one of the main end-users of OEM Protector protective accessories. Most often these are protective films for various devices (both screen protection and keyboard films), cases and covers for payment terminals. We also supply holsters, mainly in the option of mounting on a belt to be worn on the hips, less often in the option of a strap to be hung over the shoulder. In the case that the device is used for stationary services, our offer also includes many stands and mounts with the possibility of rotation and tilting.  

OEM Protector offers wide range of POS terminal stands
OEM Protector offers wide range of POS terminal stands for retail industry

Protective accesories for warehouse workers 

The second area of the market that uses our products are various types of warehouse spaces. Employees of storehouses, warehouse halls in factories, transshipment spaces or warehouses of courier companies most often use cases and holsters that can be hung over the shoulder, but to them we especially recommend wrist mounts that can be attached to their arms. Thanks to this, the employee does not have to put the device down every time, he has access to it in a very easy way, operating the scanner becomes more comfortable and ergonomic. Of course, we create our products with safety in mind, which is why we have introduced breakable lanyards to our offer. They have a special clasp that will open when the employee hooks something with a belt.  

Our accessories for Auto-ID scanners help to work faster
Our accessories for Auto-ID scanners help to work faster

Logistics, deliveries, courier companies – covers, carrying cases and cases for scanners 

There is another group of our products recipients which is associated with storage: employees of delivery and courier companies. When the scanner or payment terminal is properly secured, it’s less exposed to damage, falls and adverse weather conditions. In the case of couriers and transport companies employees, it is much more important to properly secure the device. Therefore, thanks to a protective case, various types of carying cases and covers, it is easier to protect the scanner and terminal against the adverse effects of environmental factors, fall, mechanical damage and scratches. The scanner hanged by the shoulder is easily accessible and faster to use. There is also a place to hide the stylus.  

You can also put a protective film on the devices – we have 11 types of them, they provide easy cleaning, protect against the harmful effects of disinfectants, protect the interior of the device, but also can have a privacy function – third parties will not see what is displayed on the screen.  

HoReCa – The hospitality and catering sectors use OEM Protector products 

Our brand accessories also work well in hotels, restaurants and catering. You can use holsters attached to the belt, as well as protective films, stands for terminals, rubber or silicone cases. It is worth remembering that we also create our products specially to order, so if a product is not yet in our catalog, and the specificity of the work makes it necessary to use a new type of protective accessories, we encourage you to contact us and we will work out the perfect solution together. Waiter holster with a pocket for a pen and a notebook? Why not, we can also design it for your restaurant chain. Waiter purse with room for tips? Yes, it will also not be a problem for us (the only thing you need to remember is the orders size – we only carry out wholesale orders).  

When it comes to furnishing hotels, we think that our protective films are perfect as accessories for TV remote controls and air-conditioning remote controls: stuck on the keys, they make cleaning easier and ensure an aesthetic appearance.  

Banking sector and payment services – protective accessories for payment devices – terminals, ATMs and pin pads 

We have written quite a lot above about accessories for payment terminals, so we will skip this list. However, it is worth paying attention to protective films, which we can make in any size and shape, and there are as many as 11 types of film in our offer, including: matt (protective film with a matte layer limiting glare and visibility of fingerprints), private (protective film that hides the display, allows you to see only at an angle of 90 ‘), hybrid (hybrid glass with a very high degree of protection against scratches), hybrid BF (almost indestructible, flexible and ultra-thin glass with a zinc oxide coating that eliminates bacteria), flexi (protective film for curved displays, including a self-healing layer).

For the banking sector, these types of products have a great matter as it is very important to protect customer’s data. Most screens are already tactile, and these are especially sensitive to scratches, cracks, and scrapes. Replacing them is expensive and many users use them every day.  

OEM Protector accessories for the security sector 

The last of the industries in which our products are often used is the security industry. This includes employees of private security companies as well as secret services, officers and employees of law enforcement agencies. 

They mainly use holsters for weapons, handcuffs, radios and walkie-talkies, mobile computing devices and cameras, which have now become mandatory equipment of an uniform. 

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