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As a company that provides the highest quality to its customers, we are constantly looking for the right solutions and innovations that can improve our products. Our product designers are creative and like to present innovative proposals. We draw ideas not only from the electronics accessories industry, but also from other areas. We closely observe on what can help our customers and see how we can add it to our products. This is how we created the holsters with a MOLLE1 fastening – system used by armies all around the world.

What in MOLLE fastening and what it stands for?

It allows you to attach modular accessories onto load-bearing platforms of a uniform, overalls, workwear. MOLLE is an abbreviation, the acronym comes from the words: Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment. The clasp is part of the PALS (The Pouch Attachment Ladder System), grid of webbing developed and patented by the United States Army Natick Soldier Research, Development and Engineering Center2. It is used to attach smaller equipment to load-bearing elements such as vests and backpacks. OEM Protector has incorporated these solutions into selected products, allowing for a stable mounting of the holsters to the belt.

MOLLE mount incorporated into OEM Protector holster

Why it is worth to choose MOLLE?

MOLLE mount allows you to attach any accessory to your belt. Thanks to it, we can adapt any holster to make it compatible with belts worn by employees. This type of fastening has features similar to loop-type fastening, but has slightly different functionalities and meets the needs of those who have higher demands on the stability of the fastening.

It combines the ease of clip-type attaching to a belt with the advantages of a loop: the molle is stiff, stronger, does not stretch, fits more tightly than a belt loop. And at the same time, the holster will not detach or slip off as it might happen in the case of a clip. The holster with the MOLLE clasp does not stick out, does not twist, and stays in one position thanks to the fact that it sticks more closely to the belt.
The most important advantage over the loop is that the holster with a MOLLE clasp can be put on and taken off without unfastening the belt. In addition, MOLLE guarantees stability when turning in the belt axis.

Find some MOLLE-mount holsters for your company

Contact us and we will be able to show you all the functionalities and advantages of the solutions taken from the army standards.

1 pronounced /ˈmɒl.liː/, similar in pronunciation to the name Molly
2 Eric Graves, A revolution in Soldier Systems in: Hans Halberstadt, Battle Rattle. The stuff a soldier carries, Zenith Press, 2006.

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