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Pinpad covers – product category which popularity did not surprised us

When creating protective accessories, there was no doubt that the offer should include screen protectors. However, protecting the pin pad with films was not so obvious. We thought about it while observing the HoReCa sector and seeing worn-out buttons of payment terminals in stores. The necessity to disinfect all surfaces caused by the pandemic has become an impulse for a faster introduction of the product to the catalog.

When in 2020 the order of cyclical, frequent disinfection of equipment and usable surfaces was introduced, various types of mobile devices became exposed to another negative factor, this time the chemical one. As the reliable accessories partner, we decided to meet customers expectations and create the right solution.

Disinfectants are good for the health of employees and customers, but can be destructive to electronic devices.

Custom-made protective films for buttons and keypads

Our offer includes mainly button covers for payment terminals and pin pads, but our thought goes much further. We thought about all the devices that are located in high traffic places such as: hotels, SPA, offices or shared spaces in residential buildings. All the air conditioning remotes, TV remotes, ATMs or even elevator control panels are exposed to the harmful effects of disinfectants. We believe that in addition to caring for their disinfection, you should also take care that disinfectants do not damage the devices themselves.

Protective film guarantee easy wiping of the keys and prevent dirt accumulation. We can adjust them to almost any device and we make them in any size and shape. Therefore, it will certainly be easy to protect the above-mentioned accessories.

If in your company, showroom, shop, office, holiday resort, or reception desk, the payment terminals or other types of devices with a keypad are used and you need proper protection to ensure a high level of hygiene and a perfect appearance of the stand, contact us and ask for an offer. We will certainly be able to design something suitable for your company.

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