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Protect instead of repair – OEM Protector protective accessories

The protective function of our products is important for many reasons. It is not just about preventing damage due to the visual aspect or limiting functionality. What matters are the consequences which breaking device cause. Thanks to the protective accessories you can reduce service and repair costs.  

Protective accessories for scanning devices or payment terminals have recently become more and more popular due to the fact that more attention is paid to damage prevention.  

More companies are equipping their employees with carrying cases and holsters mounted on a belt or hanged on the shoulder, because they recognize the problems generated by damaged device and want to prevent it. Let’s look at some examples. 

Carrying holsters help to protect devices such as payment temrinals from accidental falls

Protect your equipment to ensure smooth order processing 

We know very well that we are all only human and it can happen to anyone that they drop the scanner, put the terminal in a place where it can easily fall to the floor, or in a hurry to knock over something and flood the device. That’s why we create our cases, holsters and screen films to prevent any damage. If you take care of the appropriate protection of terminals, scanners, portable computers and various mobile devices, you will avoid situations when the equipment will have to be returned to the service center or order a new one and wait for delivery. It’s common that the number of devices directly refers to the number of employees, so if one device breaks down, the order processing delays occure. The easiest solution is to prevent damage.  

A damaged device means additional costs 

The above statement is obvious, but we are not just talking about the additional costs that arise in connection with the repair of the device. It also includes the costs of returning to the service center, increased warranty for mechanical damage, and replacement of parts.  

Someone may say that it does not bear the costs, because the device has a warranty – and what if the warranty has certain exclusions and does not cover mechanical damage or only covers some of them (damage caused by a fall, but not a flooding)?  

It should also be kept in mind that the lack of profit or the lost ability to perform work are also costs for the company. If smooth order processing drops by a few percent, it causes a decrease in the company’s profit.  

Provide comfort for your employees 

A large number of orders and heavy traffic often generate unnecessary stress if employees have to exchange equipment or simply do everything in a hurry. Then every few seconds and all the facilities count, such as the possibility of attaching the scanner to the wrist, putting it in a holster or attaching it to a belt. The scanner and terminal are items that many employees must have with them constantly: large warehouse spaces, restaurants, large stores – if you put the scanner or terminal in the wrong place, it is easy to guess that this does not make the employee happy.  


There are many situations in which OEM Protector products make work easier, improve employee well-being, reduce servicing costs, and improve employee productivity and efficiency. If our offer does not yet include the product you need, please contact us. We specialize in custom-made products. As a flexible B2B partner, we can offer new, unique solutions designed especially for your company. You can make your employees feel that you care about their comfort.  

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