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Screen Protectors for Mobile Scanners and POS Terminals

Since portable electronic devices began to be widely equipped with high-quality touch screens, we have changed our approach to taking care of those devices. Replacing the display in a smartphone or mobile computer is expensive, and often even unprofitable. Using a device with a broken touchscreen is either inconvenient or even impossible. And while protecting smartphone screens is nothing new, business owners have also recognized the need to provide protection for other devices. At OEMprotector, we see this need and meet the expectations of companies by providing screen protection for devices such as mobile computers, barcode scanners or payment terminals.

Comprehensive screen protection for Auto-ID devices

As a manufacturer of accessories for Auto-ID devices, we perfectly know the realities of working in warehouses and logistics centers. We are aware of the demanding working conditions that are often extremely dynamic. Warehouse workers are constantly on the move, which gives many opportunities to damage the electronic equipment they use. That is why, in addition to holsters and wearable cases, we decided to offer screen protection for mobile scanners and warehouse computers.

Screen protector for mobile computer

We provide perfectly matched, laser-cut screen protectors for each device model. The users only need to apply the film, which is a very easy operation. You only need to clean the screen of the device, remove the protective layer from the foil, stick it to the screen and remove the outer protective layer. After a few moments, the device is ready for use again.

OEMprotector offers:

Screen protectors for Zebra

Screen protectors for Honeywell

Screen protectors for Newland

Screen protectors for Motorola

Screen protectors for Bluebird

Screen protectors for Opticon

Screen protectors for Casio

Screen protectors for Jziot

Screen protectors for Mobilbase

And many other brands – we can also design screen protection for any unusual device – just contact us.

Screen protection for POS payment terminals

The second main group of devices for which we produce screen protectors are payment terminals. These devices are currently used in almost every store or service point – also in mobile points, such as planes or trains. Often used in demanding conditions – in busy restaurants, in supermarkets serving hundreds of customers a day or in drive-thru locations where they are often prone to falls.

Any damage to the payment terminal is a demanding problem for employees – it either makes it impossible to accept cashless payments or makes them more difficult. Therefore, the need to protect the screens of these devices was noticed.

Screen protectors for POS terminal

OEMprotector offers:

Screen protectors for Ingenico terminals

Screen protectors for Verifone terminals

Screen protectors for Pax terminals

And many other POS terminals – we can also design screen protection for any non-standard device – just contact us .

Standard or special screen protectors – choose from 11 types

For each device – regardless of whether it is a payment terminal or a mobile Auto-ID scanner – we offer up to 11 variants of screen films, differing in thickness, protection level or material used in their production. In addition to protecting the screen from scratches and cracks, some screen film variants offer additional, special properties. Our offer includes, for example, PRIVATE films (so-called privatizing films), which, thanks to a special layer, allow the screen to be read only by the person in front of it. The NOBACTERIA series screen covers are equipped with a zinc oxide coating, which reduces up to 99% of bacteria accumulating on the screen. We also offer matte, hybrid or those that are compatible with curved screens.

Read more about our Screen Protectors for Business.

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