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What material to choose for the case – comparison of OEM Protector materials 

Leather case, textile case, rubber case – if you are wondering which material will be better to protect your device, we can confidently say – “it depends”. Many factors influence the choice of a material for a case. So there is no obvious answer. However, we want to make this choice easier.  

Available materials

The OEM Protector portfolio is still growing, so we believe that everyone can find the right product for themselves. Our famous carrying and protective cases are offered in different material options:

  • Rubber (various types)
  • Natural Leather
  • Diamond Hybrid
  • Titan Hybrid

OEM Leather Cases

Natural leather is a durable and natural material, chrome-tanned 1.2-1.4 mm thick, does not fray, has a very high resistance to tearing. Permanent tinting technology ensures long-term maintenance of the aesthetic qualities of the coating. 

OEM Diamond Hybrid Cases

Diamond is our modern material composed of polyamide yarn and polyurethane coating, combined under high pressure, which guarantees high resistance to utility factors. The outer shell is characterized by an aesthetic texture resembling rubber, which ensures a firm grip in the hand. 

OEM Titan Hybrid Cases

Titan is a polyamide-polyurethane material very similar to Diamond material, showing better resistance to sticking dirt. It is smoother to the touch and a bit more elastic.

OEM Rubber Cases

OEM Protector Rubber Cases are available in various types of rubber. Depending on the type and shape of the device, we will propose a specific type of rubber that will be optimal. The rubber case, thanks to its flexibility, effectively protects devices against minor damage, such as scratches or cracks.

Carrying or protection?

One of the factors influencing the choice of material is the purpose of the case. If you are looking for a case with a protective function, we definitely recommend our OEM rubber cases. They absorb the impacts of everyday use, protecting the housing against cracks and scratches. They also better protect the device against greasy stains. Many of our rubber cases also have reinforced corners to protect the edges of your device – just like car bumpers.

If you are looking for a case that extends the carrying and mounting options of your device, choose leather or textile OEM cases. Such a case can be equipped with optional elements, such as a classic clip, a swivel mount or a hand strap. It can also be enhanced with metal rings (D-rings) that allow you to attach shoulder straps or a lanyard.

Working environment 

The second thing to pay attention to when choosing your OEM cases is the work environment. If you use the device outdoors and it is exposed to changing weather conditions, our rubber will definitely be the most appropriate solution. It belongs to the class of synthetic materials with high resistance to abrasion, grease and low temperatures. It is also characterized by high flexibility in a wide temperature range.  

Our textile hybrid materials – Titan and Diamond – will also work in such a challenging conditions. They are waterproof, do not fray, and their structure has anti-slip properties.  

The specificity of the device

The choice of material may also depend on the type of device for which the case is needed. For example, if we are designing a rubber case for a mobile handheld computer, we usually suggest harder types of rubber. Such a case better sticks to a flat device with a shape similar to a smartphone. However, when we design a case for a payment terminal with a classic, irregular shape, we choose a more flexible rubber, such as silicone. Many years of experience in the production of cases allows us to help you choose the best material for your devices – no matter what devices they are.

Aesthetics and your personal preferences 

The last factor influencing the choice of material is the subjective preferences of our client. Our accessories can match the style of your company, its employees and customers. For example, a lot of our customers choose leather accessories, because they have always been popular for their esthetics. They have been a symbol of prestige and good style for a long time. Now, they can pass this famous quality on to their customers or employees using devices equipped with our leather cases.

When, in addition to aesthetics, durability is also important to you – then you can choose a rubber case with a matte finish. Its satin coating is pleasant to the touch, elegant and perfectly protects the device against damages.

You can leave the choice to us

Fortunately, we won’t leave you alone with the choice of material for your case. Our many years of experience in the production of OEM cases means that we know the best solutions for specific devices or work environments. We will be happy to help you make a decision, and also take into account your personal preferences. Contact us and let’s find the best solution for your company.

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