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Accessories for Castles Technology terminals

Working with Castles payment terminals can be even more convenient. With OEM Protector accessories, you get a comfort for both – employees and customers. Our carrying solutions let you work easier, faster and more efficiently.

Accessories for Castles terminals

Working with Castles Technology payment terminals can be even more convenient. With OEM Protector accessories, you gain comfort for both – employees and customers.

How to upgrade your terminals with our accessories

Accept payments faster and more conveniently​

OEM Protector carrying accessories for Castles terminals help you work more comfortably, and faster. Use our cases, holsters and straps to keep your hands free when accepting cashless payments.

Castles payment terminals protection

Protect your terminals from damage that may affect payments processing. Our rubber cases help you avoid the effects of terminals falls, while screen films protect from scratches and cracks.

Improve the aesthetics and security of the payment zone

Thanks to our terminal stands, you can improve the appearance of the sales area. No more tangle of cables or payment terminals handed over to the customer from hand to hand.

Make card payments easier!

Well-chosen accessories allow you to increase the effectiveness of accepting payments. And it doesn’t matter if it’s a busy restaurant, a huge supermarket or a pizza delivery service.

Accessories for Castles terminals

Carrying Cases

Thanks to the various wearable options, our textile carrying cases not only improve your terminal durability but also make your everyday work easier. Available in different materials.

Rubber Protective Cases

Protect Castles payment terminals from cracks, grease stains or scratches on the casing. We can make custom-made, bespoke rubber cases for any Castles terminal.

Carrying Holsters

Carry your Castles terminals in a belt holster to save time in your daily work. Keep your hands free and just slide out the terminal when you need it.

Screen Protectors

Protect terminal screens from scratches and cracks. We offer 11 types of screen protectors with different levels of hardness and impact resistance.

PIN pad Covers

Use our PIN pad protectors to safely disinfect the buttons of Castles terminals. Safe for the health of customers and employees as well as for devices.

Stands and Mounts

Choose OEM Protector stands to ensure convenient and aesthetic access to the payment terminal in the payment area. Available in a variety of designs.


Let’s find some accessories for your Castles Technology terminals. Just tell us what you need and get the personalized offer.


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