Accessories that will make your work faster and easier

OEM Protector offers dedicated accessories for SUNMI payment terminals and mobile computers. Work more comfortably, protect devices and increase efficiency while reducing repair costs.

How to upgrade your SUNMI devices with OEM Protector accessories?

Handle card payments conveniently

Choose the OEM Protector carrying cases and holsters to work comfortably with SUNMI terminals. Keep your hands free when not accepting payments.

Protect the devices from the effects of falls

Damage to terminals can cause problems with accepting card payments or barcode scanners. Choose our rubber protective cases and screen protectors to protect your business from this.

Improve the aesthetics of the payment zone

Our metal mounts help you manage cables in the checkout area, making it look better and more comfortable. Make your card payment processing more elegant.

Appropriate accessories will increase the effectiveness of accepting card payments. No matter if it’s a busy restaurant, a huge supermarket or a pizza delivery service.

Accessories for SUNMI terminals

Carrying Cases

With various wearable options, our carrying cases will improve your terminals durability and make your everyday work easier at the same time.

Rubber Protective Cases

Rubber cases protects the terminals from cracks, scratches and other effects of accidental drops. Available in various types of rubber.

Carrying Holsters

Carry your terminals comfortably while keeping your hands free. Slide your terminal into its holster and pull it out whenever you need it.

Stands and Mounts

Mount your SUNMI terminals on OEM Protector metal stands to improve the comfort of use and the aesthetics of the checkout area. Available in various design options.

Screen Protectors

Protect the most delicate part of the terminal. We offer 10 types of screen protectors for each SUNMI terminaffs, differing in the degree of protection and special features.

PIN pad Covers

Disinfect terminal buttons without fear of damaging them. Our PINpad covers are perfectly matched to each device, making them easy to apply.

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