What material to choose for the case – comparison of OEM Protector materials 

Leather case, textile case, rubber case – if you are wondering which material will be better to protect your device, we can confidently say – “it depends”. Many factors influence the choice of a material for a case. So there is no obvious answer. However, we want to make this choice easier.   Available materials The […]

Holster or case? Which of them will work for your devices? 

The answer is: it depends. Nevertheless, we will make it easier for you to choose. There are many factors that affect which protective accessories to choose for your device. Pay attention to the kind of work, its environment and specificity. However, what matters most is the employee’s preferences.   After all, it is the user who […]

5 reasons why your employees should have carrying accessories in the summer 

Soon summer season starts. Beer gardens, outdoor cafes and restaurants which offer outdoor seating will full up with customers. Protecting accessories and carrying cases are must have during the season. Your employees will definitely appreciate them.  Contactless payments and customer service outside the cash register are standard today. Not only in restaurants, but also in […]

MOLLE mount system available in OEM Protector holsters

Our accessories for Auto-ID scanners help to work faster

As a company that provides the highest quality to its customers, we are constantly looking for the right solutions and innovations that can improve our products. Our product designers are creative and like to present innovative proposals. We draw ideas not only from the electronics accessories industry, but also from other areas. We closely observe […]

How a protective film for a payment terminal buttons can make your job easier?

Perhaps some will think this is an exaggeration: how a simple button protector can help you with your work. It turns out, however, that it has several advantages, and in times of increased caution and detailed hygienic and sanitary guidelines, it has become an integral part of the terminal equipment. It is easy to ensure […]

Hand-free carrying and scanning – yes it’s possible!

OEM Protector products are not only about device protection. Thanks to our solutions, your work can be even more enjoyable. We offer many protective accessories and carrying cases, but today we present 3 selected ones that will facilitate the use of scanning devices. If you’ve ever experienced an annoying situation when you were constantly reaching, […]

5 ways to use the barcode scanner more conveniently

Have you ever wondered if it’s possible to use the scanner even faster and more convenient? We do. That is why we are constantly improving our products. Here’s a suggestion: let’s check how to use the scanner without and with the OEM Protector accessories. We may be tempted to say that you will surely like […]

Pinpad covers – product category which popularity did not surprised us

When creating protective accessories, there was no doubt that the offer should include screen protectors. However, protecting the pin pad with films was not so obvious. We thought about it while observing the HoReCa sector and seeing worn-out buttons of payment terminals in stores. The necessity to disinfect all surfaces caused by the pandemic has […]

Protect instead of repair – OEM Protector protective accessories

The protective function of our products is important for many reasons. It is not just about preventing damage due to the visual aspect or limiting functionality. What matters are the consequences which breaking device cause. Thanks to the protective accessories you can reduce service and repair costs.   Protective accessories for scanning devices or payment terminals have […]

Industries which use OEM Protector accesories  

OEM Protector offers wide range of POS terminal stands

From the beginning, our mission was to provide accessories that increase work efficiency and protect electronic devices. All companies strive to constantly improve efficiency and want to reduce service costs. This makes OEM Protector solutions used in many industries.  Technological progress makes electronic devices more and more popular, easier to use, cheaper, and as a […]