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OEMmattPro foil with a thickness of 0.13 mm and hardness 3H is an advanced and effective protection of screens of electronic devices, both capacitive and resistive (stylus), without affecting their tactile properties. Laser cutting technology ensures perfect fit and evenness of the edges.


OEMmattPro is a technology dedicated to both flat and moderately curved screens. The special matt anti-reflective coating reduces up to 85% of light reflections, making it easier to use the screen in direct sunlight or bright ceiling light.

The silicone adhesive makes the assembly very easy and any air bubbles can be easily pushed out from under the foil. If you need to adjust the position, the foil can be lifted again with a sticky tape and reinstalled. Removal of the film does not leave traces of glue on the screen.

The OEMmattPro film is equipped with two layers of technical foil (from the side of the adhesive and the work surface), which should be removed during assembly using the integral decals on the corners of the product, according to the instruction manual.

The protective film protects the surface of the screen against external factors and depending on the technology – it enriches its parameters. The film does not fully protect the screen against breakage, but is an additional buffer for the surface due to the partial cushioning properties of the adhesive layer. For better protection against breakage of mobile devices, it is also recommended to use protective cases.

    • Material: Protective film
    • Hardness: 3H
    • Thickness (incl. glue): 0,13mm
    • Scratch protection: ***
    • Impact protection: **
    • Glare and smudge protection: *****
    • Surface type: Matt
    • Privacy protection: No
    • Curved screen compatibility: Yes (only flat section)
    • Layer types: matt PET/glue
    • Glue type: Silicone
    • Self regeneration: No
    • Oleophobic coating: No
    • Laser cutting: Yes
    • Ease of instaltion: ****
    • Price: **

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