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Standard protective film offering additional oleofobic layer which not only protects the screen of the device but also helps to keep it clean. Recommended for all the devices that require basic protection.

  • Specifications

    • Material: Protective film
    • Hardness: 3H
    • Thickness (incl. glue): 0,15mm
    • Scratch protection: ***
    • Impact protection: **
    • Glare protection: **
    • Smudge protection: ****
    • Surface type: Gloss
    • Privacy protection: No
    • Curved screen compatibility: Yes (only flat section)
    • Layer types: PET/glue
    • Glue type: Silicone
    • Self regeneration: No
    • Oleophobic coating: Yes
    • Laser cutting: Yes
    • Ease of instalation: **** 
    • Price: **

Our product specification and comparison

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