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oem prime

Standard protective film offering additional layer. Recommended for all the devices that require basic protection.

  • Specifications

    • Material: Protective film
    • Hardness: 3H
    • Thickness (incl. glue): 0,13mm
    • Scratch protection: ***
    • Impact protection: **
    • Glare protection: **
    • Smudge protection **
    • Surface type: Gloss
    • Privacy protection: No
    • Curved screen compatibility: Yes (only flat section)
    • Layer types: PET/glue
    • Glue type: Silicone
    • Self regeneration: No
    • Oleophobic coating: No
    • Laser cutting: Yes
    • Ease of instalation: **** 
    • Price: *

Our product specification and comparison

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