The checkout area of any busy store is always a challenge. A computer, monitor, keyboard, fiscal printer, payment terminal – these are just some of the devices that an employee must have at their fingertips. By observing the payment zone in many stores, we discovered the need for a comprehensive solution. That is why we have created a completely new product: POS Mounting Solution.

POS Mounting Solution: easy way to organize of the checkout area

It is a multifunctional stand that will allow you to easily organize the checkout area. It provides an easy mount for multiple devices:
◾ POS monitor
◾ Payment terminal
◾ Barcode scanner
◾ Fiscal printer
◾ Keyboard

Additionally, this product helps you manage your cables, improving aesthetics and functionality. No more clutter around the cash register!

POS terminal and scanner holders

See our POS Mounting Solution and standard stands for payment terminals on our website: Stojaki dla terminali POS