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Find out how to keep your data secure at work, home or on the street. Protect your devices with a privacy film.

OEMprivate overlay with a thickness of 0.33 mm and 3H hardness is an improved and effective protection of payment terminal screens, barcode scanners, touch screens and other devices. Thanks to the use of a special layer with a privatizing filter, it protects users’ data against so-called “Peeking over the shoulder”. Meets the requirements of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Thanks to the increased thickness it offers even better protection against scratches and allows you to use the device without worrying about damaging the screen. The matt film layer reduces the formation of streaks and reflections. It is laser-cut and easy to apply.

gdpr ready oem protector privacy screen protection

Thanks to the privatization film your data is safe. Bystanders will not see content on the screen of your computer, smartphone, tablet, ATM or other device that you are using.

Access to sensitive data can hurt your business, you may suffer financial losses or lose control over your identity on the web. With OEMprotector’s solutions you can use equipment safely and comfortably.

Currently, smartphones are being used for electronic payments. By banking on a device in a public place, you run the risk of your data being stolen.

The privatizing film solves this problem and gives you control over the content you display on the device.


The privacy film blackens the view of the screen from the side, thus protecting privacy, while maintaining a clear screen when viewed from the front.

privacy protection view angle

image protected against so-called “Peeping over the shoulder” with the privatizing film

Perfectly visible image from the front

image protected against so-called “Peeping over the shoulder” with the privatizing film


  • Material: Protective film
  • Hardness: 3H
  • Thickness (incl. glue): 0,33mm
  • Scratch protection: ***
  • Impact protection: ***
  • Glare and smudge protection: *****
  • Surface type: Matt
  • Privacy protection: Yes
  • Curved screen compatibility: Yes (only flat section)
  • Layer types: PET / privacy / glue
  • Glue type: Silicone
  • Self regeneration: No
  • Oleophobic coating: No
  • Laser cutting: Yes
  • Ease of instaltion: ****
  • Price: *****