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Ingenico terminal stands – improve the way of accepting payments

50 years ago we did not expect how easy paying can be. Nor 10 years ago did we. In next 10 years maybe we say the same. But we also could not predict another thing: how vulnerable our new mobile wallets will be. If you drop the coin – nothing happen. If you drop the mobile phone or payment terminal – well, not so easy.

OEM Protector stands options

To be calm about work, devices and customers, it is good to take care of the workplace in advance. A lot of device manufacturers, software distributors, chash desk designers takes care of proper elements.  One of the most common solutions we see in stores and POS are stands for payment terminals. Let’s take a look at their particular characteristics.

Our stands stands out thanks to great features.

Leg types

The first, to pay attention to, is leg type – basis, on which holders are mounted and which is attach to the countertop. To get better results, the place where payment terminal will be mounted should be properly planned. It will not loose their function later. Stands purpose is to help with customer service, not to interfere.

Flat type

It is basic solution. Nevertheless customers notice even small facilities. It is good for those who like minimalism. Thanks to that, the point of sale looks more elegant and tidy. It does not take too much space. Although it looks light, it offers high stability and durability.

Pole type

Second leg type has one more feature: it enable to hide cables inside the pole. It can have various heights, to fit the POS even better. That is the most popular type. Its construction ensure more options to mount the holders. Why customers appreciate that? Because the payment terminal is stable, it will not slip over accidentally. On the other hand it is also more convenient to employee, who can have free hands, do something else in the meantime. In a consequence, works faster.

Rotation options

The second feature, which is worth to consider, is rotation. The handle attached to the leg can rotate. It matters if the terminal should alternately face both the worker and the customer (to be able to see the screen, for example to see the amount).

However it does happen, that payment terminal has two parts. The keypad is connected separately. Then we do not need stands rotation, it can be permanently turned to one side.

No rotation

Main purpose of static mounts is to upgrade customer experience. It has two key advantages: protects the device from accidental drop and make it easier to reach the terminal.


This is a good choice in situations, when customer service person has to type something on the kepad (or touchscreen) and then turn the terminal towards the client, to type PIN or BLIK code.

Swivel and Tilt

This is the best choice. The most optimal and convenient way to use terminal. Mainly used in shops, where payment takes place only in cash desk and there are various ways of paying.

Color options

Painted stands is useful, when company has strict visual design and want to highlight brands colours. Nowadays there are a lot of possibilities to paint accessories. However the most durable is powder coating. It also look good and enable to paint at any colour from RAL palette.

Stands for Ingenico terminal models

Lane series (Lane 3000, Lane 5000, Lane 7000, Lane 8000)

Ingenico ICT220

Ingenico IPP350

Other Ingenico terminals

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