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NEW PRODUCT: POS Terminal Extension Handle

Smart solution for any Drive-thru
Accept cashless payments in a smart, convenient and safe way. Thanks to the extension handle, the distance between the sales window and the customer is no longer an obstacle in convenient payment processing.


  • Customer’s comfort upgrade
  • Cable management
  • Light, aluminum design for comfortable use
  • Non-slip handle
  • Powder painting
  • Made in Europe (Poland)

Safe and convenient
The handle extending the range of the terminal allows you to conveniently accept payments, e.g. at drive-thru points. It also helps to increase sanitary safety when serving customers.

Easy to attach
Custom-designed terminal mounting allows you to fix the devices on the holder in a few moments. The unique design makes your payment terminal stably and securely fastened.

Cable management
Hide the wires directly in the holder. No more tangled cables around the device – the handle will not only improve the aesthetics of the payment point, but also its efficiency.

Anti-slip handle
The grip handle is made of rubber for a stable grip – even in a dynamic working environment.

Powder painting
Our metal handles are covered with electrostatically applied powder paint. This guarantees a perfect coating and its durability.


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