Wrist Swivel Mount

This product allows you to quickly attach a mobile device to your wrist. Compatible with our cases equipped with swivel mount.

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Easy device carrying

Attach any device equipped with a swivel mount case directly to your arm. Work more efficiently with both hands free.

Velcro fastening

Each strap is fastened with Velcro, so you can adjust it depending on the size of your hand. Velcro provides a strong and reliable fastening.

This product is available in two strap options:

Single strap

This is the basic version that comes with one arm strap. It is recommended for smaller and lighter devices only.

Two straps

This version comes with two arm straps. This guarantees a stable mounting – also of heavier devices.

This product is available in two strap-length options:

Standard lenght

Standard length straps work well in most situations. If you want to use a wrist mount on a thick jackets, consider choosing an extended lenght strap.

Extended lenght

Extended straps (standard +5 cm) are a good choice if you use your device while wearing thick jacket or other uniform.

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