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PIN pad Cover – Verifone E285

Our transparent Keypad Protectors help to protect keypads, pin pads and hardware housings from damage caused by frequent alcohol based disinfection. Perfectly fitted for your device, quick to apply and simple to remove.

We are the manufacturer and wholesaler.
The MOQ for most of our products is 100 pieces.

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If you are wondering if this keypad cover will fit your device, we assure that it is:
– made to order, so it’s definitely the right size;
– laser cut, thanks to which it has smooth edges and the proper shape;
– modern material resistant to abrasion and damage;
– fits perfectly to the keys.
What is worth paying attention to is its usability. The keypad cover protects the device from dust so that it does not get inside. The PIN pad protective film will also be useful in situations where the device may be flooded. What we think is most important is how easy it is to disinfect the keypad. It is known that this must be done so that bacteria do not accumulate on the keys. Moreover, dirty buttons do not look nice. Keypad protection is an integral part of point of sale equipment.

Easy to apply

You don’t need any tools, glue or screws. Just remove the backing layer and put the film directly on the keypad. And that’s it – your keypad is now protected.

keypad protector few seconds to apply

Easy removal

The film is made of an elastic material with non-marking glue. You can easily remove it when needed without leaving any long-lasting marks.

keypad protector easy removal


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E285, Verifone

We are the manufacturer and wholesaler.
The MOQ for most of our products is 100 pieces.

As a manufacturer and wholesaler, we do not sell our products online or sell the single items. The Minimum Order Quantity for most of our products is 100 pieces.

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