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Carrying Case for Ingenico LINK 2500 – Closed design

Our textile cases protects any device against damages and expand its carrying possibilities thanks to wearable options. We don’t make universal cases – each case is custom made for a specific device to guarantee a perfect fit.

We are the manufacturer and wholesaler.
The MOQ for most of our products is 100 pieces.

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This carrying case was custom developed for Ingenico LINK 2500. The high quality of this case is possible thanks to very resistant material and advanced sewing technologies and laser cutting method. That is why it perfectly fits the device, so you will have an easy access to the most important features such as buttons, inputs or card slot – without removing the case.

Proper protection may let you reduce service costs. Short information about how protective cases and holsters for payment terminals enable to lower number of repairs and increase convenience of use was posted on our blog.

Few attatching options are available, like hand strap, shoulder strap or wrist mount. It also may ensure stylish and elegant look to your device.

Custom made for your Ingenico device

This product offers custom made fit for your Ingenico device. Despite the ultimate protection, you will still have an easy access to key device features such as buttons or inputs.


Your device is additionally protected with a transparent foil on the front side of the case.


Made from the highest quality European nylon, thanks to which the product combines aesthetics with durability.

This product is available in four mounting options:

No mounting

In this option, you will not be able to use any wearable mounting. ​

Still Clip

An easy way to attach the device to any belt.

Swivel mount

The integrated swivel mount lets you quickly attach and detach the device. Just rotate it 90 degrees to lock/unlock your gear.

360 clip

The integrated 360 mount with a special adapter enables attachment to a belt or other attachment point. Provides 360-degree rotation of the device, which increases its functionality. ​

This product is available in three d-rings options:

No d-rings

In this option, you will not be able to attach any strap.

Two d-rings

Use two metal d-rings to attach a shoulder strap.

Two d-rings + loop

This option let you attach any shoulder strap. Thanks to the additional material loop, you can also attach a hand strap.


This product is manufactured locally – in northern Poland (Europe). Being so close to our factories allows us to constantly monitor products quality and shorten the shiping time.

precisely manufactured

This product was made with cutting edge technology and then hand finished to guarantee the best quality and durability.


Additional information

Device group

Payment Terminals



Compatible with (brand)

Compatible with (model)


Country of production


D-Ring options

0, 1, 2, 2 + loop

Material options


Rear mounting options

360 Clip, None, Still Clip, Swivel Mount

Variants SKUs


Compatible with

Ingenico, LINK 2500

We are the manufacturer and wholesaler.
The MOQ for most of our products is 100 pieces.

As a manufacturer and wholesaler, we do not sell our products online or sell the single items. The Minimum Order Quantity for most of our products is 100 pieces.

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