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Screen Protector for CipherLab 9700

Our advanced Screen Films were developed to protect any device from scratches and other common damages. OEMprotector offers a wide range of Screen Protectors classes to perfectly match your business requirements.

We are the manufacturer and wholesaler.
The MOQ for most of our products is 100 pieces.

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The reason why you do not have to ask about the dimensions of the CipherLab 9700 screen protector
It is custom-made product created specifically for this model. So you don’t have to wonder if it will fit. It always has perfect size and shape. Our protective films are laser cut, which is very precise. This guarantees the correct shape and allows even small cutouts to be made.

Main characterictics
– easy to install and remove, installing kit added
– cutted with laser method
– protects terminal from germs, liquid spills, dust and dirt
– almost unnoticeable, do not have impact on touchscreen usage

Key benefits of using CipherLab 9700 screen protector
– secure the display against scratches and damage;
– reduction of repair costs;
– protection against the harmful effects of disinfectants and against fading;
– additional functions such as antibacterial coating, privacy layer (you can’t see the content of the display from the side), matt effect, oleophobic layer and others.

OEM Protector – we help where details matters. As a custom-made accessories supplier we provide cases, holsters, screen protectors, carrying cases for: mobile computer, payment terminals, handheld readers etc. If you use CipherLab devices, we may help increase your work efficience, convenience and the pace of work. Do not hesitate to contact our sales department.

Available in 11 types

This screen protector is available in 11 different types that feature different properties and protection levels – see comparison chart.

Standard protective film. Recommended for all the devices that require basic protection.

Standard protective film offering additional oleofobic layer which not only protects the screen of the device but also helps to keep it clean.

Protective film with a special matt layer which reduces glare and fingerprints.

Matt protective film. Offers full protection and reduction of reflections and fingerprints.

Protective film equipped with a special privacy layer which hides the display from any bystanders. Works only in one horizontal or vertical layer. Reduces glare and smudges.

Hardened protective film offering extra protection against scratches and damages.

Next generation hybrid PET GLASS which offers amazing protection against scratches thank to it’s super thin layer similar to the true glass.

Hybrid BF is a truly elastic and ultra thin, flexible PET GLASS. New generation zinc oxide coating helps reduce nearly 99% of bacterias on the screen.

OEMnobacteria is a durable protective film with special new generation zinc oxide coating which helps reduce nearly 99% of bacterias that accumulate on the screen.

Super tough, elastic film with supreme impact protection, shock absorption and clarity. Smooth touch makes it easy to operate the touchscreen.

Protective film with a special glue dedicated for curved displays. Offers edge-to-edge full protection and self-healing layer.

Perfect fit for your device

We provide laser-cut, customized screen protectors for each device. You don’t have to cut anything by your own!

Easy to apply & remove

You don’t need any special tools, glue or screws. Just remove the backing layer and put the film directly on the screen. Then, remove the front layer. And that’s it!

Our screen protectors are SO easy to apply!

See the process of applying our screen film on the example of the Pax A920 terminal.

Additional information


OEM Protector

Device group

Mobile Scanners

Compatible with (brand)

Compatible with (model)

CipherLab 9700

Class (Type)

Curved, Flexi+, Hard, Hybrid, Hybrid BF, Matt, Mattpro, Nobacteria, Prime, Prime+, Private

Country of production


Compatible with

9700, CipherLab

We are the manufacturer and wholesaler.
The MOQ for most of our products is 100 pieces.

As a manufacturer and wholesaler, we do not sell our products online or sell the single items. The Minimum Order Quantity for most of our products is 100 pieces.

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