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Pocket holster S-size

Our holsters offer easy carring and remarkable protection for your electronic devices. Just grab your device whenever you need it, and have your hands free in the rest of the time.

This holster is compatible with many devices of different brands: Zebra, Casio, Honeywell, Mobilbase, CipherLab and many others. Contact us for compatibility details.

We are the manufacturer and wholesaler.
The MOQ for most of our products is 100 pieces.


It is another universal model of a holster (see other universal pocket holster). It fits to devices which dimensions not exceeding: 17,5 cm in length, 7,5 cm in width and 1,5 cm in thickness. It is made of nylon, thanks to which it looks good and can be clean very easily. The construction is stiffened, making it more durable and protecting the device even better.
Pocket-type holster have many advantages:
– fits to variuos devices,
– universal,
– easy to attach to a belt (with a clip mount) or a shoulder strap (D-rings version),
– simple and convenient to use,
– magnetic fastening.

It is worth to have a carrying case or holster to make our work easier and more convenient. How? Because your your hands are free when you are not using the device. Furthermore you always have it with you, and at the same time it is protected against accidental drops. A special pen pocket allows you to hide a pencil, pen or stylus for touch screens.

Of course custom-made holsters and cases are the best choice, but universal accessories also have some advantegaes. For example when company uses a few types of devices and needs one solution for all of them. It works for couriers, waiters, deliverers.

If you look for a suitable protective holster and accessories for small payment temrinals, mobile computers or scanners – try universal pocket holster. Of course if you need custom made accessories, let us know, what you need or check carrying cases.

Devices which not exceeding
175 mm in length,
75 mm in width and
15 mm in thickness

Easily reach your device

Our holsters make carrying your payment terminal, mobile computer or scanner just easier. Save time, work smarter and protect your equipment at the same time.


Elegant and modern fastening. Thanks to the magnetic elements, it’s very easy to lock.

Holster - magnet fastening

This product is available in two d-rings options:

No d-rings

In this option, you will not be able to attach any strap.

Two d-rings

Use two metal d-rings to attach a shoulder strap.


Made from the highest quality European nylon, thanks to which the product combines aesthetics with durability.


Our holsters are equipped with an additional pocket for a pen, stylus or other small accessory.

Additional information


OEM Protector



Country of production


Compatible with (brand)

, , , , , , , ,

D-Ring options

0, 2


Belt clip, Belt loop, Molle, None





Device group

Payment Terminals, Mobile Scanners

Compatible with

A50, A77, CT40, CT45, CT50, CT60, E280, E285, E355, EA500, EA500P, EA510, EA520, EA602, EA630, EC30, EC50, EC55, EDA50, EDA51, EDA52, EDA55, EF400, EF401, EF500, EF501, HF450, HF550, ISMP4, L2, L2H, L2K, L2KS, L2s, LINK 2500, M2, M30, M50, MT65, MT90, NFT10, P2, P2 Lite, P2 mini, P2 Pro, PA726, PA760, PM45, PM80, PM85, PT60, RP350, S1E, S1EL, SF550, SL20, SM15, SM20, TC20, TC20K, TC21, TC25, TC26, TC51, TC52, TC55, TC56, TC57, V2, V2 Pro, V2s, V2s Plus, VF550, VX500

We are the manufacturer and wholesaler.
The MOQ for most of our products is 100 pieces.

As a manufacturer and wholesaler, we do not sell our products online or sell the single items. The Minimum Order Quantity for most of our products is 100 pieces.

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