Custom-made rubber cases for any device

Stop worrying about cracks, scratches and greasy stains on your mobile computers, tablets or payment terminals. Our protective rubber cases are designed to save your devices from everyday damages. 

The power of rubber

Thanks to the unique properties of rubber, our protective cases offer:

Our rubber cases features

Our TPU Cases are perfectly fitted to each device

Perfect fit for your mobile device

We produce unique rubber cases for each device, giving you a perfectly fitted protection. Stop using an universal solutions, that never works fine.


Easy access to device functions

Our rubber cases feature laser cutted holes that (for most devices) let you easily charge the device, use its ports, cameras or buttons.

Rubber Cases Rugged Corners

Rugged corners

The rugged corners add an extra protection to the device parts most vulnerable to damage. It's just like a car bumper.

Configuration options

We can also deliver rubber cases with various wearable solutions for easy carrying.



Despite its impressive protection, the rubber case is surprisingly light. You will hardly feel the difference in the weight of your device. But on the other hand, you will feel the huge difference in its durability.

Presented weight (35 grams) applies to rubber case for Zebra TC21. The weight of other cases, depending on the size, may be slightly different.

Wearable solutions for rubber cases

Each rubber case, can be upgraded with wearable accessories. We offer hand straps, arm mounts, belt clips and other solutions, that make your everyday work easier and more efficient.

Add some more protection

Extend your device durability by combining rubber case with our screen protector. This will provide 360 protection against most common damages and cracks. 

More about our Screen Protectors

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