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They facilitate work, increase comfort of use and protect devices.

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Facilitate the organization of space at the point of sale (store, bus) and protect devices from damage caused by falling. Various heights of the stand and inclination of the screen and buttons in the direction of the customer makes it easier to make payments, increasing the comfort of purchase. Possible rotation of the terminal or pinpad in the horizontal plane allows for smooth direction to the needs of the seller or customer, it also supports the protection of privacy.

The construction of stands is a combination of very durable materials with visual lightness, compared to competing massive solutions with pipe construction. Flat elements interfere significantly less with the aesthetics of the interior at the point of sale. At the same time it brings benefits on the budget side, making the solutions affordable. The stands are made of high quality steel, laser-cut and bent in an automated process, which guarantees a perfect finishing of details. The elements are RAL powder  painted, which ensures even coverage and anti-corrosion protection.


The bases of the stands can be adapted to any surface and have any dimension. It is possible to mount stands to horizontal and vertical surfaces, flat and round. The bases can also be free-standing with a layer slightly adhering to the rubber top, so you can avoid making openings in the worktop, which is very practical for glass tops. Optionally, the bases can be equipped with cable guides, so that the stand looks even more aesthetical.

Payment terminals or pinpads are attached to the stands in a minimally visible way. This has a positive impact on the visual effect by giving lightness to the structure. An integral part of the stands are dedicated adapters for a particular device model or group of devices. Compatibility list is wide, it is also possible to create custom solutions on request.


The screen is one of the most expensive components in every modern smart device. The Repair and replacement costs are very high and it is often exposed to damage. Whether it is an impact a fall damage or a minor scrath it will affect the use of the device. This risk can be minimized by adding a special protective layer. Our high quality screen protective films are laser cut with precision to fit even most complex screens. Technologies to choose from to meet your specific needs.


With rubber case and screen film your device will receive a true 360° protection.

Most popular protective film technologies: